The future of multiplatform entertainment

tvconnect product placement

Aufgrund der zunehmenden Konvergenz der Medien freut sich die TV Connect im Rahmen der Connected Innovation Theatre in London eine Einführung in die 3 wichtigsten Branche in diesem Zusammenhang zu geben: Gaming Connect, Devices Connect, Creative Connect. Die Teilnahme an den Sessions ist komplett kostenfrei! Zur Registrierung geht´s hier: 



Gaming Connect: 

- Building and offering engaging multiplatform games

- Developing next generation social games

- The best monetisation opportunities and business models in competitive entertainment

- Overcoming technical and database engine challenges for casual multiplayer games



Devices Connect:

- Building the Next Generation TV UI

- Optimising portable device UI beyond Super-HD

- Will ubiquitous connected TVs consume the set-top-box?

- Home gateway optimisation 



Creative Connect:

- What is the future of content creation?

- Will transmedia advertising come to dominate? 

- Can anyone be a content creator? 

- Will YouTube become the dominant platform for future original content?

- Role of advertising in future original content creation


Alle weiteren Informationen finden Sie hier: www.tvconnectevent.com