Game Connection Marketing Awards

Bildschirmfoto_2012-09-18_um_14.11.40Die ersten Game Connection Marketing Awards würdigen herausragende globale Arbeiten im Bereich Marketing und Kommunikation im Bereich Games: Bis zum 11.10.2012 können hier noch Arbeiten eingereicht werden. Die Arbeiten können von Publisher, Developer, Agenturen, oder unabhängigen Parteien eingereicht werden. Es gibt 8 Kategorien:

- Best Print Campaign: newspapers and magazines, traditional billboard, ...


... transport advertising and all formats using standard advertising space.

- Best Digital Campaign: websites, search engines, banner ads, instant messaging, email marketing, digital Point of Sale, browser games and virtual or augmented reality.

- Best Mobile Campaign: campaigns on smartphones, tablets and phones, such as SMS, MMS, WAP and Apps, including mobile games.

- Best Social Media Strategy: viral advertising, buzz marketing, blogs, use of social networks, consumer generated content, and Apps including social games.

- Best Experiential Marketing Campaign: exhibitions, events, fairs, concerts, trade shows, publicity stunts, corporate entertainment and all interactive events which involve consumer interaction with a brand.

- Best Broadcast Campaign: videos, trailers and adverts for cinema, TV, online and radio distribution.

- Best PR Campaign: successful PR campaigns and media partnerships which have generated awareness through outstanding media coverage or public relations efforts.

- Best Videogame Marketing Team 2012: this Award honors the marketing team who have distinguished itself by the quality of its campaigns or who inspires innovative marketing of its products and services.

Game Connection Europe 2012 findet vom 28.11.-30.11.2012 im Porte de Versailles in Paris, France statt.