Englisch: The idea to the game marketing awards

games marketing awardsThe new Marketing Awards are part of the expansion of Game Connection’s remit to incorporate the vital marketing functions of the industry at this year’s event. As well as having a strong presence on the show floor, for the first time marketing professionals will be catered for within the comprehensive program of cutting edge conference and master class content delivered by leading global experts.

Just to mention some, people could learn how to design, market and then monetize social games that run across multiple platforms with Alex Dale, Marketing Director at King.com; or how indie developers Frozenbyte and Larian Studios together with the digital platform GOG.com have engaged press, users, and social media to make their games a success. Steve Fowler, General Manager at [a]list games will then draw parallels between what is happening now in the games business and what happened then to filmed entertainment and Volker Dressel, Chief Marketing Officer at InnoGames will present what he believes is the perfect balance between getting as much information from the user as possible, and getting them in the game fast. To check the rest of the program up to date: http://goo.gl/RYu9t

In addition many leading games marketing businesses will be exhibiting at the event, including business intelligence specialists and agencies specializing in media, advertising (including in-game), creative, PR, community management, and digital, email and affiliate marketing. Many buyers are looking to go beyond the game development aspect, expand their network and talk about new marketing strategies to promote games, reach the right audience and boost sales. The event is a real opportunity for these companies to meet a maximum of potential business partners.

When we first opened the competition we couldn’t imagine such a great feedback. When people started to ask if they could submit projects made before October 2011, we decided to accept them and to welcome all campaigns launched from January 2011 till October 2012.  

After October 15th, all applications will be sent to our wonderful advisory board of leading industry experts. I’m talking about Vincent Dondaine, Sales and Marketing Director at Bulkypix; Alexandre Scriabine, Acquisition Manager at Electronic Arts; Rupert Loman, Managing Director at Eurogamer Network; Dennis Heinert, Head of Public Relations at Innogames; Sebastien Anxolabéhère, Editor at JDLI; Anthony Macaré, Head of Digital at Namco Bandaï; Geoffroy Sardin, Chief of Marketing & Sales Officer EMEA at Ubisoft and Rahim Attaba, Marketing Director Europe at Wargaming. 

They will be in charge to identify 3 “pairs” of nominees for each category following criteria such as innovation of a campaign, assessment of the results and graphic assets. A pair is comprised of an ordering party and a service provider. All nominees will be invited to the Awards Ceremony on November 28th at Game Connection, when the final winners will be unveiled and a special award will be given to the best Videogame Marketing Team of the Year.

Author: The Games Marketing Awards team