ENGLISH: Steve Jobs‘ sweatshirt

Steve-JobsSteve liked it simple. All the gadgets manufactured by Apple are pieces of art - designed for those who care about the looks of their portable and tablet computers or mobile phones. Not only the gadgets Steve invented,  also his outfit at his keynotes remains world-famous: a black turtle neck sweater and blue jeans. This makes the Apple keynotes branded entertainment – doesn’t it?

Apple is pretty famous for its product placements and the former CEO wearing certain clothes makes the audience curious: Who sells this pullover? The answer is: several companies do. It used to be retailers like St. Croix – an American store for handcrafted knitwear – supplying Steve with his favorite outfit, a – of course black – longsleeve named 1990 with a price of $190.00.


St. Croix's longsleeve "1990"

In February 2010, a small label from Berlin had the idea to send Steve one of their cashmere luxury turtle neck sweaters worth ~$580 and they were lucky! Steve wore it to his last keynotes and ordered several different pullovers from VONROSEN’s online store. This sounds like the perfect success story powered by branded entertainment, if only they didn’t have not to close down in late 2011, following a law-sue by Peek&Cloppenburg who wanted to protect their Paul Rosen label against what they feared would lead to consumer-confusion between both brands


VANROSEN's turtle neck sweater

Steve Jobs died on October 5th, 2011 due to cancer at an age of 56 and was the founder of Apple Inc. and Pixar Animation Studios.